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The “Sree Ganesh” group has been in the business of financial services for more than 5 decades, with a rich and diverse clientele from all parts of the world. To conform with the implementation of the Central Chit Funds Act 1982 in Kerala, a separate company in the name of Sree Ganesh Kuries (Kerala) Pvt Ltd was formed in 2012.

“Sree Ganesh” has always stood for strict financial discipline. Our visionary founder, late Sri K.E. Vasudevan with deep faith in God and always having a positive dream on life, initiated the humble and simple financial activities, as early as 1961 under the name, Sree Ganesh Chit Funds within the framework of the situation prevailing at that time. In 1971, the institution was upgraded as Sree Ganesh Bankers for accommodating multiple forms of financial activities for individual and community development, in addition to the Chits, as per the provisions of KML Act 1958.

At present, chits of salas ranging from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.50,00,000/- are being conducted. All our chits are registered with the government and follow strict regulations. As per the enactments in force, we are depositing 100% of the chit value with the government before starting the chits to safeguard the interest of the public and ensure financial stability of the company. Moreover, before commencing a new chit, we submit a detailed statement of accounts to the government for verification and authorization, thus maintaining total transparency.

The real cause of success, development and growth of an institution is through the deep-rooted faith of its customers. Without such trust, a chit-fund organization cannot reach every strata of the society. By offering honest, punctual and law-abiding services for decades on end, the management and staff of this institution has ensured that the name Sree Ganesh is synonymous with trust and integrity.

Prosperity through Financial Discipline

Our Management

K E Suresh Babu (Managing Director) has been involved in the business from the very inception. He was instrumental in diversifying the business and taking the group to greater heights. With utmost professionalism in his approach, he was able to transform the business and multiply the turn-over several times over the span of years.

Nishant Suresh (Executive Director) joined the group in 2010. With a Masters Degree in Management from the United States, and experience working with several MNC’s in the US and India, he has been foreseeing the transformation of the core business activities. Apart from business development, he has been taking initiatives to upgrade the technology capabilities and simplify the processes with in the organization.

Our Values

The deep faith of public in our institution, transparency and morality are our basic values.

Why Us

When investing your hard earned money, it is important to be extremely cautious. Only trust companies that have proven their track record with years of service and goodwill.

It is only because of our immaculate record and the faith shown by our satisfied customers have we been able to continue providing great services for more than half a century.

  • 100% legal and government authorized chit-fund
  • Transparency in all aspects
  • Prompt and speedy payment of prized chits
  • Backed by a team of seasoned professionals
  • Simple procedures for payment following strict regulations
  • More than five decades of experience in conducting chits
Our Mission

Create and promote financial prosperity to individuals as well as to the society through strict financial discipline

Our Vision

To become a world-class service oriented, disciplined financial institution for the overall development of our great nation.

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