Chit vs
Bank Loan

The process to avail a bank loan is very tedious and time consuming. On the other hand, the process to bid and avail a chit is simpler with less documentation. Based on the amount of the chit, the documentation required will vary but will be relatively easier.

The rate of interest for bank loans is usually very high when compared to availing a chit of the same amount. For any personal or business need, if planned in advance, it is always better to join a chit and bid early rather than take a bank loan.

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Chit vs
Stock Market

Stock markets have always been promoted as one of the best investment options. Many people invest their hard earned money trusting brokers, but the matter of fact is that stock markets are highly volatile and subject to fluctuations based on a variety of internal organizational and external conditions. Some stocks might yield good returns, but the risk factor is very high and you have to be constantly watching the markets to ensure you minimize any possible loss. On the other hand, investment in an established chit fund company can give you peace of mind and safer returns.

Chit vs
Fixed Deposit

FD is a fixed lump sum investment that is illiquid. A chit on the other hand is systematic investment of fixed installments that can be availed by the subscriber at any time during the duration of the chit.

A disciplined investor in a chit fund can avail higher returns in the long term. The amount of return is variable based on the dividend and the tax liability is minimal.

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Chit vs
Recurring Deposit

A recurring deposit works similar to chit in terms of monthly installments, but the main difference here is in the percentage of return. The returns at the end of a recurring deposit period is very minimal, even lesser than a fixed deposit. A similar investment in a chit fund will yield way better returns.

Moreover the customer also has the option to avail the chit early if there is a need. This is not even an option in a recurring deposit scheme.

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